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“I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure. My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”

― Diane Arbus


Hello!   Well what can I tell you about myself that makes me sound as though I have the slightest incling of what this photography lark is all about?

I take pictures and there they are on the camera really, that’s it...   I've been told I have a talent for it by many people, some who go as far as to come up and say they love my pictures. Then I’ll say, "No, I'm actually over here, that's a lamp post you’re  talking  to."   

 I know photography can be fun, interesting , creative and can sometimes be sexy. A bit like myself.  On the other hand it can be quite expensive, have bits that you should never, ever touch and can be very frustrating when you're trying to get it right . A  bit like the wife. (You know I jest, dear.)

I first became interested in photography when I bought my first digital camera. A compact 6.0 Megapixel in the 1990s.  I'd love to tell you the maker or even the year, but I really don't remember - this was in the crazy 90s after all - erm, I think.  This however was my first taste of taking pictures...  and I soon found myself becoming addicted. Hooked to the lens.  I thought I could handle my addiction by trying out various compacts. In 2010 that changed when I bought a Canon DSLR - yes I was now deep into the hard stuff. ln 2013, I would get so desperate for a bigger fix that I even bought a Canon 5D Mark II - well I say I bought it, it was the wife who paid for it.  She will always have my never ending appreciation for that...  -  due to  finish next Tuesday.    I am of course married, to Lindsay, and have 2 lovely (well they were at some point) children. George, who is almost 10 and Sarah, who is almost 5.   You may catch a glimpse of them in my pictures now and again, although I mainly stick to landscape photography.   Scotland is a gorgeous, stunning, amazingly scenic, breathtaking, rainy, wet, and ridiculously cold country, with hills, castles, more hills and more castles, and loads of waterfalls.

   Scotland has character too, with many seemingly stereotypical miserable inhabitants who will occassionally bare gums for a camera.  Although instead of saying "Cheese" it's mostly "JINGS! - Don’t you be stealing my soul with your magic box!"  (joke)

Please enjoy my website and my humble offerings of what people have called "Talent".  I just call it taking pictures and maybe I do have a talent for it...  If you like the pictures enough to buy them or use them in some other way, I might even be convinced. Same goes if you wish me to take your photographs - Please note I can do naked photography, but if you wish, I will keep my clothes on (another joke, honest!).   Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

  Anyway,  I enjoy  my hobby, and I dunno... maybe even like it....

  ...just a wee bit.  

ABOUT ME All the best,    Ronnie Proud to be Scottish